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Robert B. Poczatek M.D.

Robert B. Poczatek M.D. is a diplomate of the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. In addition, he has received certification in spinal cord injury medicine.

Dr. Poczatek received his medical degree from the University of Alabama School of Medicine. Subsequently, he completed an internship with the University’s Department of General Surgery, and then served as a resident physician in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Dr. Poczatek is a public lecturer and published author. He is a member of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the American Paraplegia Society, the Medical Association of the State of Alabama and the Jefferson County Medical Society.


1999 Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Resident Scholarship in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

1998 (February - March) Caduceus Club International Travel Fellowship
Barlicki Hospital
Lódz, Poland

July 1995 - July 1996
Charles H. Lupton Jr. Post-Sophomore Fellowship in Pathology
Rotations: Autopsy, Surgical Pathology, Immunohistochemistry, and Hematopathology
Research: The Identification of Novel Tumor Biomarkers in Cancers of the Prostate, Colon and Esophagus.

June - August 1994
National Cancer Institute Grant for Cancer Prevention and Control
The Effects of Bleomycin on the Levels of Malondialdehyde in the Heart, Lungs and Liver of Mice Award $1,500.

July 1993
Thomas J. WAtson Fellowship
A Comparative Study of the Emergency Medical Services in England, Poland, and Australia.
Award $15,000


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Roye GD, Myers RB, Brown D et al. CD44 expression in dysplastic epithelium and squamous-cell carcinoma of the esophagus. Int J Cancer 1996; 60 (4):254-8.


Real World 101: A Survival Guide to Life after College
Delivered April 1, 2004 to juniors and graduating seniors of Birmingham-Southern College
Birmingham, AL

Chair, Committee on Technique, Wellness, and Movement
Novel Approaches to the Treatment and Diagnosis of Focal Hand Dystonia
Delivered October 16th 2003 at the 8th annual World Piano Pedagogy Conference
Nashville, TN

Overcoming Common Obstacles to Performance of Virtuoso Literature
Delivered October 16th 2003 at the 8th Annual World Piano Pedagogy Conference
Nashville, TN

Organizing Your Practice Time: Incorporating What we Know About How the Brain and Body Works for More Efficient Time at the KeyBoard.
Delivered October 15th 2003 at the 8th Annual Piano Pedagogy Conference
Nashville, TN

Using Basic Anatomy to Set the Foundation of Good Technique in Beginning and Intermediate Piano Students
Delivered October 15th, 16th 2003 at the 8th Annual World Piano Pedagogy Conference
Nashville, TN

The Do's and Taboos of Interventional Pain Management
University of Alabama at Birmingham, Spain Rehabilitation Center Grand Rounds

Behind the Scenes: The Anatomy of a Successful Performance
Delivered February 9, 2003 at the Forbes Piano Recital Hall to area piano teachers Birmingham, AL

An Overview on Spinal Cord Injury
Delivered August 29th, 2002 at Medical Aspects Conference of the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services
Birmingham, AL

The Role of Pedagogic Dogma in Injuries of the Pianist
Delivered June 2001 at the 19th Annual Medical Problems of Musicians and Dancers Symposium
Aspen, CO

Performance Practice and Wellness
Delivered February 6, 2001 as to the Music Department of Birmingham-Southern College
Birmingham, AL

The Detection of PSA Positive Cells in the Circulation as a Sign of Prostate Cancer Metastasis
Delivered May 24, 1996 as part of the Laboratory Medicine Seminar Series
University of Alabama Hospital, Birmingham, AL

Can Free Radicals be Implicated in the Side Effects of Bleomycin Therapy?
Delivered August 11, 1994 to members of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology
Medical university of Lódź, Poland.

Abstracts Published/Presented in National and International Conferences.

R.B. Poczatek, R.B. Myers, U. Manne, H.L. Weiss, D.G. Bostwick, W.E.Grizzle. Expression of the 17-1A Tumor associated Antigen in Prostatic Adenocarcinoma and Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia. 88th Annual Meeting of the American Association for CAncer Research on April 12-16, 1997 San Diego [Poster Presentation]

R.B. Myers, DK Oelschlager, R.B. Poczatek, S Srivastava, WE Grizzle. The Expression of the Androgen-Regulated Enzyme Fatty Acid Sythetase in Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia and Prostatic Adenocarcinoma. 10th International Congress of Endocrinology on June 12-15, 1996 San Francisco [Poster Presentation] Biology of Prostate Growth 1996 International Symposium March 28-31, 1996 Washington D.C. [Poster Presentation]

Manne U. Myers RB. Moron C. Poczatek RB. Dillard S. Weiss H. brown D. Srivastava S. Grizzle WE. Bcl-2 and p53 Expression in Colorectal Cancer. Annual Meeting of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology March 23-29, 1996 Washington D.C. [Poster Presentation]

Roye GD. Myers RB. Brown D. Poczatek R. Beenken SW. Grizzle WE. CD44 Expression in Dysplastic and Malignant Lesions of the Esophagus. Annual Meeting of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology March 23-29, 1996 Washington D.C. [Poster Presentation]

Committee Membership

2003-2004 Quality Assurance Committee of the Department of PM&R

2003-2004 UAB MEdical Center Technical Standards Advisory Committee

Medical Organizations Actively Involved With in the Past

Melbourne Ambulance Service -- Medical Intensive Care Ambulance (M.I.C.A.)
Melbourne, Australia: May - June 1993

Sterlinga Hospital -- Department of Cardiovascular Surgery
Lódź, Poland: March - April 1993

Copernicus Hospital -- Department of General Surgery
Lódź, Poland: Winter 1993

Palma Hospital -- Department of Internal Medicine
Lódź, Poland: Fall 1992 - Spring 1993

Pogotowie Rantunkowe (Ambulance Services) of Lódź
Lódź, Poland: Fall 1992 - Spring 1992

Addenbrooke Hospital -- Accident and Emergency Department
Cambridge, England: September 1992

Cambridge Ambulance Service
Cambridge, England: September 1992

Mid-Anglia General Practitioner Accident Service
Cambridge, England: September 1992

White Chapel Hospital -- Accident and Emergency Department
London, England: Summer 1992

London Ambulance Service -- Ground Service and Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (H.E.M.S.)
London, England: Summer 1992