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O-Arm with Stealth Station


Image guided minimally invasive spine surgery is the safest and most precise technique for doctors performing minimally invasive spine surgery. Using sophisticated imaging tools such as a StealthStation1 and a special O-arm scanner1 that produces images all around your body, the doctor is able to produce a virtual image of the spine that shows screw placement and trajectory as he operates. This allows him to perform much more precise placement and decreases chances for non-union or failure to fuse.

1O-arm and StealthStation are both trademarks of Medtronic.

Cranial Stealth Navigation

By using the Medtronic Cranial Stealth Navigation System, your doctor is able to use image guidance technology to produce the best visualization during your cranial surgery. The system provides highly detailed visual guidance that is used to aid your surgeon in performing the most accurate and least invasive procedure possible. The system produces three dimensional images that show the surgeon the precise location of surgical instruments and structures in the brain. By using this system, the risk of injury during surgery can be reduced while the chances of fully removing an unwanted structure are improved.